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A typical Packaing Journey is to receive order from the port or your manufacturing company in a shipping container or from a truck into our warehouse. Once the item is received we make a report/manifest on inventory received which will be sent to you.

Items can be broken down into pallets in most cases or can be left at container depending on no. of different items you have and whichever is cheaper option for you.

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Fulfillment services


  • Effortless inventory intake: Streamline your supply chain with our efficient receiving process. We handle unloading, inspection, and secure storage, so you can focus on your business.
  • Accurate data capture: Gain real-time visibility with our advanced inventory management system. Every item is meticulously tracked, ensuring accuracy and peace of mind.
  • Reduced receiving costs: Leverage our expertise and infrastructure to optimize receiving efficiency and minimize your handling costs.


    • Order fulfillment made simple: We handle order processing with precision and speed, ensuring your customers receive their orders promptly and accurately.
    • Customized workflows: We tailor our processing to your unique needs, whether it’s kitting, labeling, or value-added services.
    • Quality control you can trust: We meticulously inspect and verify your inventory, ensuring your products are perfect for your customers.



  • Fast and accurate picking: Our experienced pickers use advanced technology to ensure every order is fulfilled quickly and accurately, minimizing errors and delays.
  • Scalable to your needs: Whether you have high-volume or low-volume requirements, we have the resources and flexibility to handle your picking efficiently.
  • Real-time inventory visibility: Track your inventory levels in real-time, ensuring you always have the stock needed to fulfill orders.




  • Professional packaging: We use high-quality packaging materials and industry-best practices to ensure your products arrive safely and securely.
  • Customized packing options: We offer various packing options to meet your specific needs, from standard boxes to custom packaging.
  • Reduced shipping costs: Our optimized packing methods minimize weight and dimensions, reducing your shipping costs.


  • Multiple shipping options: We offer a wide range of shipping options to meet your budget and timeframe requirements.
  • Reliable partnerships: We have established relationships with major carriers, ensuring competitive rates and reliable delivery.
  • Real-time tracking: Track your shipments in real-time for complete peace of mind and customer satisfaction.

Repacking services

  • We can repack your product into your branded packaging. And assist in making your packaging. Reworking Kitting Bundling along with live tracking of inventory and we also do labeling, relabeling and barcoding. We can also do fullfilling of amazon and ebay market orders, tracking your order after items have left our warehouse. We also can provide logistics assistance for incoming and outgoing distribution and transportation services.